A two story building with air conditioning and radiant heat, all the comforts of home. There are 5 windows one of which is 7 ft wide with a bow top. The main entrance is a double wide french door. The building faces south so I get lots of natural light. The front porch is a great place to sit, relax and enjoy the view. I also frequently fire up the barbeque and grill dinner on the porch. Dimensions of the building: 30 ft x 30 ft building with an 8 foot front porch


In designing the shop I created 3 distinct areas. One is the actual workshop area with bench and machine tools. This are is 20 ft x 30 ft. The second floor is a 30 x 30 area for lumber storage. I have access to this from both inside the building via a pull down stairway and outside the building through a barn-style door. The third area, also on the first floor is a general-purpose storage area 10ft x 30 ft. Inside this room is the furnace. I use this to store the lawn mower, snow blower, bicycles, etc. This room is just to keep to clutter in the garage to a minimum. There is also an inside and outside access to this room.

The dimensions of the work area I designed to provide a comfortably sized work area for myself and my budget. It holds my machines, bench, assembly table and finishing area. I have 8 foot fluorescent lights across the whole ceiling that provide ample lighting. Not wanting to be short on power, there are about 20 electrical outlets on the walls, ceiling and floor including four 220V outlets for the bigger machine tools. For added safety I have a shunt switch (the big red button) that will kill power in case of an accident. The build is also wired for music and an alarm system. The finished walls are painted white. I also added a 4 foot high wainscot along the entire perimeter. This is both visually aesthetic and functional since it protects the walls from dings and scrapes.