My Story

My interest in woodworking goes all the way back to the early 1970's.   I know this because I have an old woodworking book with my name and the date - Christmas day 1972.   I was only 13 years old.   My early experience was in wood shop at school.   I also grew up on a farm in rural Ohio.   In addition to building and repairing fences and stalls I recall building footstools and a saddle rack.

My interest in woodwork was on hiatus as I pursued career and family.   I've been a software engineer and architect for over 22 years.   The woodworking spirit was rekindled about 10 years ago when I built the playhouse for my three lovely daughters.

About Louis

On one hand I consider myself self-taught.   However, I'm also the student of the numerous authors of magazine articles and woodworking books.   I'm an avid reader and have learned a tremendous amount from the many professional woodworkers who shared their experience and talents in writing.   Something I'm very grateful for.   The ideals of many craftsmen including Garrett Hack, Ian Kirby, Chris Gochnour, Gary Rogowski, Jeff Jewitt and countless others have been an inspiration to me.

In the craft I enjoy creating my own designs.   I draw my inspiration from looking at classic designs, then I draw up own plans adding personal touches as I see fit.   I also make to-scale or full size mockups before I put saw to lumber.   I am both a hand-tool and a machine tool enthusiast.   I look for the right technique for the task at hand, sometimes that's a machine other times it's a chisel and mallet or a hand plane.

My workshop is not just a place to design and build furniture but it's also a sanctuary.   It's a place where I can get away from all the hustle and bustle, stress and strain of my occupations (that being an engineer and father).

Louis R. Lovas